Iatewon Resto: Punto 9

By Local Unnie


Today is the birthday of my closest friend from work. So we celebrated her birthday last night at Itaewon.

For this day, I have prepared a gift to make her birthday extra special. Special gift was a handmade leather clutch as I am attending leather craft classes.

Where did we go?:

When I think of Itaewon, it is a place crowded with A LOT of people because of the Halloween streets of Itaewon. And still we decided to meet at Itaewon. Specifically at Punto 9 to have some steaks. It is a bit far from the subway but the food and atmosphere worth all the walking. Take a look of the restaurant first. Isn’t it elegance?

How to get there?:

Go straight about 500m from Itaewon Station exit no. 2. You will see Punto 9 on your right (2F).

While on my way to the restaurant with my colleague, I entered a flower shop. Influenced by Kang, Daniel from Wanna One, I also bought hydrangea. I wanted to get the pink one but the blue one was fresher. So, I got the BLUE one. HeheIt was not well wrapped but still the flower was beautiful.

Immediately after arriving at the restaurant we gave our gifts and ordered our dinner. While waiting for the food to be served, gifts were unpacked and as the food were served, we finished it immediately.Thanks for the treat, unnie! 😍

Happy Birthday. Cheers!


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