Vietnam Resto: Sinbad Restaurant, Mui Ne

By Local Unnie

After getting our flight back to Incheon got delayed for about two hours, I have finally reached Korea. So many stories to tell the Cam Ranh International Airport experience but I shall stop for now. It is negative 8 degrees celsius and I am wearing slippers. CRAZY? But I am fine as I reserved a cab going home.

Before I get busy again and before I forget the Mui Ne experience, I will write a review on the places I have visited. In this post, I will make a review of Sinbad Restaurant in Mui Ne. Sinbad Restaurant has ranked number two in the trip advisor and has always been one of the must to go restos in Mui Ne among Koreans so I went there before reserving a sleeping bus and sun rise sand dune tour at Shin Cafe.

Operating Hours: 11AM – 1AMIt is a small restaurant visited by different people from all across the world. This seems enough to tell that this restaurant is famous for its yummy kebab at affordable price. Here’s the list of menu for your guide!I have ordered the shrimp salad, donee kebab – small, shish taouk, and drinks. All of these only cost about VND 248,000 (USD 12).I won’t forget the kebab I ate. It was the one of the best kebabs of my life. Since I know that I will miss this so much, I had kebab as my dinner on the following day.

Anyways, gotta rest for now!

Good night world! 🙂


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