Wanna One Premier Fan Con Thoughts

By Local Unnie

As a fan of Wanna One, one of my bucket lists is to attend their concert. Unfortunately, I failed the ticketing. Huhu I had no hope until one of my colleagues told me that he could give me a ticket as he know the organizer. I was really excited. I got hyped BUT it was all joke made by the organizer. Even the organizers were not able to get free tickets. Yes, they are really hot rookie of the year. Happy at the same sad. Huhu. I CRY. I only had to send them a moral support.

Before giving up for real, I searched if tickets are available and as an average person I cannot afford a ticket which costs 8 times the original price. This made me feel so angry. The black market. I even saw a concert ticket for BTS at KRW 15,000,000 which is about USD 15,000. WTH. They are abusing the fans. To stop them from doing this, fans should not buy tickets from them. I know it is hard but let’s not get fooled.

Watching a live concert may be different from just watching it through TV/mobile/PC. You may miss the performances ONLY shown in the concert but be aware that there are a lot of different ways supporting your favorite artist aside from getting the tickets from the black market. Let’s make the concert ticketing market, a clean market.Wish you all the best – my favorites.


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