Vietnam Resto: Quán Bi Bo

By Local Unnie

Currently, I am enjoying the day off. I met one of my favorite unnies who is working in PwC Korea at I-Park Mall, Yongsan and took this photo of supporting 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.After that, I moved to Nambu Bus Terminal to ride the bus going to my province where my family is. Why? Because today is my mom’s birthday. Before myself fall asleep, I shall continue my postings from my recent visit to Vietnam.

What to enjoy in Vietnam? Obviously, seafoods!! I am not a fan of seafoods cause it is hard to eat but this time I should keep patient to eat the fresh seafoods at a very low price.

In Boke street, there are a lot of restaurants selling seafoods. Menu may not differ from one another. Therefore, you should choose your “where to go” based on the other factors you value the most such as the view, cleanliness, etc.

For my case, I went to Quán Bi Bo! Well, I do not know what it means. I just followed my companion. She chose this restaurant based on the blog reviews saying that it is cleaner than the other restaurants with good food. We went there for dinner and the restaurant was almost full with people. Luckily, we were be seated immediately. 😀See these people with different race?

The next step is to order! We ordered scallops, shrimps, lobsters, and drinks. For the lobsters, we were asked to choose the size as it is priced based on the weight of the lobster. Look what we have got!Seems like we have ordered too much? Yes. We were so full but we tried to finish as much as possible and we ate almost everything. Everything was so yum and as I have mentioned above it was really cheap! It only cost VND 767,000 which is about USD 37. Imagine two lobsters at this price??? Crazy but this is real! I highly recommend the three tasted and proven menus above. Enjoy the fresh seafoods at low price if you are in Mui Ne! 🙂


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