Yeonnamdong Resto: Very Best Steak

By Local Unnie

Before going to Very Best Steak in Yeonnamdong, I attended one day baking class. It was quiet afar from my place so I took a cab going there. This place is located near exit no. 7 of hwagok station (purple line).

Take a village bus Gangseo 06 at the exit no. 7 and get off at the Prugio APT.The shop was so girly decorated. Instructor prepared the muffins and the butter. All I need to do was to work on the decors.It is time to work on the decors! It was not not easy. I failed for several times. Also I made a Christmas tree and decorated will red and white butter. The red and white butter seems like a light bulb.Isn’t it cute? Aside from the Christmas tree, I made a Santa cup cake too.At the photo zone, I looked so girly. YAY After the class, I went to Vesty Best Steak for dinner. It was a small restaurant so we had to wait for awhile. Since it is cold outside I waited at a coffee shop near the restaurant. This restaurant is about 12 minutes far from the Honggok University Station.Since it was Christmas week, the restaurant had a limited edition at a discounted price. All of these were at KRW 49,900.Ended the day with the cup cake and a coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚There are so much thing to do in Seoul that you may have not experienced in your country. Try something new with the one day class! ๐Ÿ™‚


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