Los Angeles x Las Vegas 2018: Pre-flight Preparation

By Local Unnie

This was my first time to fly to the United States. I have been always planning to visit the United States with my sister when she takes the USMLE Step 2 CS. However, I never thought that I will fly right after the busy season. My sister decided to take Step 2 CS before CK to avoid the conflict of schedule and this was really a good choice! (My sister passed the CS. She is half-way done. YAY!) To continue my story, I do not have any idea on what to do in LA but I was able to get an idea of where to go such as Hollywood, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, the O show, and etc. with the help of my officemates. Despite of the busy season, I really tried to fix my schedule and here it goes.

First, the flight. Considering that I am flying more than 10 hours, I wanted to book Korean Air. Lucky maybe? I got my ticket at KRW 780,000 per person. This is really cheap as the round trip ticket to Danang, Vietnam cost KRW 600,000 on the days I am traveling to the US.

Second, the “what to dos”. Usually, I book accommodation before fixing the details of the trip but this time was different as the main purpose of flying is my sister’s exam.

Los Angeles: Universal Studio and City tour

Las Vegas: City tour and Grand Canyon

Third, the accommodations. I made my reservation in Double Tree by Hilton and Trump Hotel in LA and Las Vegas, respectively through booking.com again. Double Tree because it located near the testing center. (About 7-10 minutes via walk.) Trump Hotel because it does not have casino within the hotel.

Fourth, the tour. I booked mine through my real trip.

First trip abroad with more than 10 hours of flight, which should be exciting, was unbelievable until the day came. Like my sister said, US was different from the past countries I have visited. It was bigger than I imagined. It was wider than I imagined. So excited to talk about my first trip to USA soon.

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