Cafehopping: Mafia, Itaewon

By Local Unnie

I usually meet up with my soulmate once a week despite we are busy with the work. This day was unusual as we are meeting each other after two weeks. HAHA First quarter review was on going. Sleepless nights and overtime work were draining. To refresh ourselves from the work and to catch up, we met on a Saturday afternoon. Late night, I saw Mafia in the instagram of my colleague. Matcha tiramisu and strawberry mille-feuille looked so yummy so we went to Cafe Mafia located in Hannam-dong, Itaewon after having a brunch at Oasis. Hannam-dong is well-known for the prosperous village. Houses were big and the village was quiet with CCTVs everywhere. Looking around those things made our way to Mafia fun. Even the tall walls with ivy looked so pretty. On a side note, we questioned each other on how much wealth needed to live in a village like Hannam-dong.Be aware of the uphills. It is a small cafe with two stories. There was no seats available upon our arrival so we had to wait outside before getting into the cafe. We ordered original tiramisu and mille-feuille. Mille-feuille was served with seasonal fruits on top.You can control the thickness of the dutch coffee. Some people say that the tiramisu is not worth the effort of going up the hills but for me it was worth the effort! 🙂

I shall visit again to taste the matcha tiramisu! 🙂

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