Osaka x Kyoto Day 1: Dobontori, Lawson, Ichiran, Pablo, Glico, Lush, Don Quijote

By Local UnnieFlight to Japan from Korea was really short. I had a nap for an hour and spent the rest of time shopping (duty free) and sewing.How to go to the hotel/airbnb what so ever has been a recurring question. Train or bus or taxi? Taxi would be comfortable but this was expensive. Train would be cheap and accessible any time but it is hassle to ride the train with the luggage. So I booked a bus ride from Kansai International Airport to Doton Plaza. Our accommodation in Osaka was just 5 minutes away from Doton Plaza.

We went to Lawson to have some appetizer since we had some time before the scheduled departure time. I bought dojima roll and egg sandwich. Since these were the convenience store foods I liked the most when I first visited Japan – Okinawa, I wanted to share how these taste to my siblings. Happy tummy? Yeahhhh!!! This was the start of our food trip!After the 50-minute ride to Doton Plaza, we safely arrived to the apartment we will stay for two days in Osaka. Thanks to the Google map! 🙂 This is my brother walking with the neck pillow and the Ryan luggage.Day 1 in Osaka was short since we started late. We skipped most of the must to go places in Osaka but it’s okay. I shall come back. May be sometimes in Spring to see the beautiful pink cherry blossoms. 😍Our first official meal at Osaka was Ichiran Ramen. It is a franchise started from Fukuoka with deep miso based soup where you can make our own ramen. I had the basic one to avoid the mismatch and this plan worked. My ramen was neither too salty nor spicy. It was just right. 👍🏻My sister always says “There is another stomach for the desserts.”. As such, we went to the Pablo. This dessert cafe is famous not only in Japan but also outside Japan. There is Pablo in Shinsegae mall at express bus terminal station (line number 3) in Seoul, Korea. I highly recommend to get the plain one but if you are a match lover then get the matcha flavored one. (But the BEST for me was the plain one. Hihi) Supposedly, we were planning to return to the apartment after eating but it failed as I wanted to shop some souvenirs at Don Quijote.Before going to Don Quijote, we also took an obligatory photo with the Glico and went to Lush.Lush in Japan was cheaper and had more variety of items compared to Korea. Despite it was late, Dotonbori was full of people especially in Don Quijote. We finished our first day in Osaka with the shopping and the city view. HeheIt was tiring traveling right after arriving at the accommodation but we forced ourselves since we have limited time. Day 2 post coming up next! Good night world! 🙂


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