Osaka x Kyoto Day 2: Universal Studio Japan, Hankyu Grand Building KYK, Kiefeel Cafe

By Local Unnie

Going to amusement park is always so exciting. There were two ways going to the Universal Studio either by train or taxi. Taxi saves time and it is hassle free cause there is no transfer-transfer. Train is much cheaper than the taxi but it requires energy to walk from one place to another. Though riding a cab was expensive in Japan, we rode the cab to save time and to avoid the hassle.Before entering, taking an obligatory photo with the globe in Universal Studio is a must. There were Japanese kids who went to Universal Studio for a field trip, tourists just like me, and the locals. I did not take much photos than my first visit in Los Angeles. We have started with the flying dinosaur and the Jurassic park ride. I booked an express 7 (FLD) through KKdays. Unlike LA, you can only use the express on the number of attractions. I was first so mad cause I thought I cannot ride the flying dinosaur as we arrived late than the scheduled time. But thank God, we were able to ride the attractions even after or before the scheduled time. Are you a Harry Potter kid? I lived the generation with the Harry Potter so every time I visit Hogsmeade it’s like I am back to my childhood days.Since I was with my sibling, we shared a cup of famous butter beer from the Harry Potter. How it tastes? It was so sweet for me! This butter beer in a plastic cup costs JYP 600. Add some more yens to have them in a souvenir cup.After the Harry Potter, we had eating time at the Happiness Cafe near the Minions Park.Sign of aging? We did not want to fall in a line for more than 30 minutes for a ride so we decided to leave after riding the attractions with express pass. According to my siblings, they had most fun in the 4D attractions especially the Harry Potter than the flying dinosaur. So if you go to the Universal Studio, don’t miss the Harry Potter and other 4D rides that are only available in the Universal Studio for unforgettable memories.Day 2 in Osaka before moving to Kyoto was over with the katsu at KYK and desserts at Kiefeel coffee located at Hankyu Grand Building. Restaurants were located on the top floors so you can enjoy the city scenery while eating.Now we are getting off at the Ogotoosen station! Watch out for the next 2 days in Kyoto! 😉


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